Top 7 Ways to Go Broke Gambling

Don’t Go Broke Gambling

  1. Don’t go broke by gambling more than what you can actually afford. Set a limit for how much you can gamble and stick to it.
  2. Don’t expect to win big as you will only set yourself up for failure. Have realistic expectations.
  3. Those casino ATMs are conveniently placed there for a reason. Put on blinders and ignore them!
  4. There are no clocks in the casino because they don’t want you to pay attention to the time you’re spending in there.  More time equals more money spent.
  5. Don’t get carried away with the free drinks. The more drunk you get, the more mistakes and and bad decisions you will make.
  6. Play to have fun and let winning be the byproduct. Don’t focus solely on winning or you’ll stress yourself out and end up losing more.
  7. If you end up owing the casino money (marker), make sure you have enough money left to pay off this debt as the repercussions include possible legal and physical ramifications.

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