Long Hauling
Author: steve@skyfire.vip

Long Hauling


A commonly known Las Vegas scam at this point, some disingenuous cab drivers will take unknowing tourists on the longer “scenic route” to drive up their fare.

Skip the stress and leverage rideshare apps like UBER & Lyft. Conveniently, the fare you’ll pay is transparently communicated before you even book the ride.

Although taxis recently rolled out flat rates from the airport, rideshare apps are still almost always cheaper.






Avoid getting long-hauled by telling the cab driver not to take the I-215 tunnel if you’re coming from the airport. Cab drivers have been known to take tourists on longer drives than necessary by using the tunnel which will boost the fare. Don’t let them know you’re a newbie when they ask if it’s your first time in Vegas as they will surely take a more circuitous route. You have less chances of getting long-hauled if you look like someone who knows your way around town.